AHTCC Hiring Executive Director

The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition is hiring for its Executive Director position. Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to Michael Gaber, President, AHTCC at mgaber@wncinc.com.




– The Executive Director shall have responsibility for carrying out the AHTCC’s strategic plan and legislative priorities and shall report on a quarterly basis to the executive committee on progress under such plan. Successful implementation of the strategic plan shall be the key metric in evaluating the Executive Director’s performance.

– The Executive Director shall report to the AHTCC’s Board of Directors and to its Executive Committee, as determined by the board of directors. All AHTCC staff, administrative support, lobbyists and consultants shall report directly to the Executive Director.

– The Executive Director shall personally lobby the Congress and Presidential Administration on the legislative and policy goals of the AHTCC (as determined by the Board of Directors) and shall supervise and coordinate lobbying and legislative strategy with the AHTCC Legislative Counsel, the Board of Directors, and general members of the AHTCC who undertake advocacy.

– The Executive Director shall be responsible for increasing lobbying meetings directly with Members of Congress.

– The Executive Director shall be the primary representative of AHTCC in coordinating legislative strategy with all other advocacy organizations, including ACTION, HAG, NCSHA, NAHB, etc. The Executive Director shall have a hands-on knowledge of IRS Section 42 and would be able to assist in drafting language that protects and enhances the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.

– The Executive Director shall create opportunities for the AHTCC President, Chairman of the Board, First Vice President and AHTCC Board and General Members as applicable with respect to the media, Congress and the administration, subject to consultation between the Executive Director and AHTCC President. The Executive Director shall also be an industry representative and speak at industry events on behalf of AHTCC.

– The Executive Director shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors on legislative and policy positions to be taken by the AHTCC that otherwise encompass “Affordable Housing” but not the Low Income Housing Tax Credit per se. The Board of Directors shall have final approval on such industry positions.

– The Executive Director shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. The Executive Director shall have authority to make expenditures (and shall have check writing authority) that are consistent with the AHTCC’s budget. The Executive Director shall, in consultation with the AHTCC Treasurer and Executive Committee, prepare a proposed budget annually at least 60 days prior to the AHTCC annual meeting for consideration and approval by the board at the annual meeting.

– Included in the proposed budget shall be the Executive Director’s recommendations with respect to AHTCC dues.
The Executive Director shall make recommendations to the board and/or the executive committee (as determined by the board) on hiring and termination of AHTCC employees, counsel and other consultants.

– The Executive Director shall maintain a social media presence on behalf of AHTCC and to build the AHTCC brand on social media, as approved and directed by the Board.

– The Executive Director shall make policy recommendations to improve and strengthen the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, and work with industry partners, Congress and the Administrative to advance and implement them.


– The Executive Director shall have substantial experience in affordable housing advocacy and deep knowledge of the low-income housing tax credit program, business practices and industry participants.

– The Executive Director shall have familiarity with affordable housing issues and programs that interact with projects utilizing the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. Previous hands-on program experience is preferred.

– The Executive Director should have experience dealing with a broad range of constituents, including diverse boards / general membership, other lobbying organizations within the same industry.

– The Executive Director shall be based in Washington, D.C.