AHTCC Congratulates Dr. Ben Carson on Confirmation as Secretary of HUD, Will Work with HUD, Administration and Congress to Strengthen and Expand Access to Affordable Homes

The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition (AHTCC) congratulates Dr. Ben Carson on his confirmation today as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

During January’s Senate Banking Committee hearing to consider his nomination, Dr. Carson expressed strong support for public-private partnerships, specifically citing the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) as a successful example of the private sector’s role in affordable rental housing.

“We’ve got a lot of very talented people in this country in the private sector…You know the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit is an excellent example – it’s overseen by the Senate Finance Committee – but that has allowed an enormous number of places to be renovated,” Dr. Carson said. “I want to study those programs that are working so we can multiply them across the country.”

Such support speaks to the Housing Credit’s three decades of success as America’s primary tool for creating and preserving affordable rental homes for veterans, families, seniors, and people with special needs.

We look forward to working with Secretary Carson, the administration and the 115th Congress to address America’s growing housing affordability challenges by strengthening and expanding the Housing Credit—which will create additional affordable rental homes and jobs, increase opportunity in neighborhoods nationwide, and strengthen our economy.