Democratic VP Nominee Tim Kaine Calls for Expansion of Housing Credit

In an opinion piece published on today, the Democratic nominee for vice president, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, calls for expanding the Housing Credit as part of a plan to invest tens of billions of dollars to “make housing fair in America,” writing we’ll “expand the supply of Low Income Housing Tax Credits that help keep rising rents in check.”

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Tim Kaine: How to make housing fair in America

By Tim Kaine

(CNN) I was a brand-new lawyer at a small firm in Richmond, Virginia. And fresh out of law school, as the rookie on the team, the pro-bono cases came to me. That’s how I met Lorraine.

She was a young African-American woman. As she sat across the table, she told me how she had just graduated college, found a job, and was trying to move out of her parents’ home and start a life of her own.

Lorraine saw an apartment advertised in the newspaper, called the number and arranged to meet the landlord. But as soon as he saw her in person, he said, “Sorry, we just rented the place.”

Something didn’t feel right. So Lorraine asked one of her white colleagues to call and inquire about the apartment. And lo and behold — it was still on the market.

Long after the Civil Rights Act was passed, and our country declared that we are all created equal, I was looking at an open-and-shut case of racial discrimination. I won the case, and housing discrimination would go on to become the heart of my legal practice for many years.

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