Fall Meeting and Advocacy Event

Tuesday, September 10: Dinner and Reception
Wednesday, September 11: Fall Meeting and Advocacy Event

Join your Housing Credit colleagues and advocate for the Housing Credit firsthand by participating in the AHTCC Fall Meeting and Advocacy Event. We’ll begin the event with a dinner and reception for all participants on the evening of Tuesday, September 10. On the morning of Wednesday, September 11, we will hold our Fall Meeting, which will include timely updates on Housing Credit policy and advocacy, as well as other issues important to the AHTCC and its membership. Key congressional staff of our affordable housing champions will discuss the outlook for the AHCIA. We'll also hear from Clinton Jones, Federal Housing Finance Association (FHFA) Senior Advisor for Legal Affairs and Policy, and Joseph Firschein, Deputy Associate Director and Community Affairs Officer at the Federal Reserve Board.

The Advocacy Event will take place on Capitol Hill from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on September 11, 2019. Participants will be split into smaller groups, each led by at least one experienced advocate. Groups will receive individual itineraries, key talking points, and all of the necessary advocacy materials to leave behind with Congressional staff and members of Congress. As we continue to build strong bipartisan support for the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act, recently reintroduced legislation to expand and strengthen the Housing Credit, it is essential for Congressional staff and members of Congress to hear from their constituents about how the Housing Credit positively impacts their home states and districts. We hope you will join this effort through the AHTCC Fall Advocacy Event.

This event is free of charge for both AHTCC members and nonmembers. Please register below.

This event is fully booked.