Miller Roy Apartments is the new construction/rehab of 66 homes in one existing three story building and one new construction four story building in Monroe, Louisiana serving residents earning 30-80 percent of the area median income.

The development means the preservation of historic community culture and iconic buildings that once housed famous Black businesses like the U.S.’ first Black-owned newspaper and welcomed entertainers like Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. In addition to meeting Enterprise Green certifiable standard, the property is also designed to Fortified Gold standard as a means to mitigate hurricane damage, featuring a backup power generator, wind-resistant construction details and water-resistant materials for areas that could be subject to water intrusion. Further, the property features a multi-purpose community resource center, known as the “Link”, on the ground floor that provides services ranging from financial assistance, support services, legal services, medical support, equipment needs and much more.

The 4% Housing Credit was used to finance the property, with syndication provided by Hunt Capital Partners. It was developed by E.M. Miller-Roy Developer, LLC.

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