The Red Hawk Apartments in Springdale, UT has won a 2009 Charles L. Edson Tax Credit Excellence Award in the Rural Housing category.

Photo Courtesy of Color Country Community Housing, Inc.

With a population of just over 500, Springdale, Utah, is the gateway to the pristine and beautiful Zion National Park.  Because of its unique location, much of Springdale’s economy is reliant upon the tourism and hospitality industries, despite a lack of affordable housing for those critical workers. 

Through the hard work of developer Color Country Community Housing, Inc. Red Hawk Apartments offers a unique mixed-income community with 22 Housing Credit units and 15 single family homes.  The Housing Credits units serve individuals earning as little as 37 percent of area median income. 

Red Hawk Apartments faced several challenges throughout its development.  The most challenging was a 16-month delay in construction due to an error in flood plans development by FEMA, which indicated the property location would fall within a flood plain.  After undertaking an extensive private survey, Color Country Community Housing was able to make the error evident to FEMA and requested a Letter of Map Revision.  Despite the successful outcome, construction was facing a critical timing challenge. 

Red Hawk Apartments offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, four of which are fully handicap accessible.  Additionally, all units located on the first floor meet “visitability” standards.  All units are equipped with Energy Star rated appliances and the landscaping is 100 percent xeriscaped with native desert plants.  Passive solar heat is used in common areas and stairwells. 

Red Hawk Apartments received tremendous support from the community, including United States Congressman Jim Matheson (D-UT), who participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.  The development was designed to complement the stunning surroundings of Zion National Park, while also providing safe, affordable housing to those who work to support Springdale’s economy. 

Red Hawk Apartments received loan guarantees and construction loan financing from the Utah Community Reinvestment Corporation.  American Express partnered with Color Country Community Housing as a major investor in the development.  Enterprise Community Partners acted as syndicator for the property, which used $342,625 in Housing Credits.