Support for the Housing Credit Continues to Grow


In the past month we’ve seen strong support for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) across the country. At the United States Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting, participants passed a resolution in support of expanding Housing Credit and increasing investment in affordable housing infrastructure nationwide.


The resolution was the topic of a recent op-ed in The Hill by Eric Enderlin, President of New York City’s Housing Development Corporation and Christine Hensley, who serves on the Des Moines City Council and is on the Board of Directors for Midwest Housing Equity Corporation. Hailing from two very distinct parts of America, these housing advocates talked about the critical need for affordable housing that is felt from downtown New York City to the outskirts of Des Moines.


The Housing Credit was also the focus of two recent op-eds in Tennessee and Florida. Ralph Perrey, Executive Director of the Tennessee Housing Development Agency, wrote an op-ed in The Tennessean in which he notes that while Tennessee’s economy has been growing steadily, many low-income families still struggle to make ends meet. Similarly, The Miami Herald published an op-ed by Matthew Rieger, CEO of Housing Trust Group that calls for the expansion of the Housing Credit to help solve Florida’s affordable housing crisis.


No state, county or municipality is safe from the affordable housing crisis, and these diverse voices from all across the nation have the same message – They’re calling on Congress to support the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017 and companion legislation in the House. Their show of support is critical, and our communities need more leaders to make a commitment to ending the affordability challenges that impact hard-working families across the country.