Linking Stable Housing and Education: Whitney’s Story

Without a safe, stable, affordable home, many children and adults find it difficult to do well in school or achieve a college education. With this link in mind, AHTCC member Family Scholar House provides affordable housing and support services to single parents in Kentucky who are pursuing baccalaureate degrees. In 2016, Family Scholar House helped 62 low-income single parents like Whitney Skelton graduate from college. Here is her story:

Family Scholar House provided me with a priceless opportunity when I needed it the most. Having an affordable and safe place for my son and I to live made it possible for me to pursue my education. Knowing we had an apartment put my mind at peace. I was no longer worried about surviving the day to day – I was able to focus on thriving and being the best parent and student I could be. I no longer had to worry about whether my son was safe to play outside or if he was going to get a good night’s rest. It allowed me the opportunity to focus on my studies and work towards being fully self-sufficient.

Living at Family Scholar House was a great opportunity because not only did I have a stable home environment to concentrate on my school work; my son, Malachi, was able to have a place to call home. This made it possible for him to be a normal kid and play outside with his friends. Family Scholar House has helped me achieve my goals and become successful so I can continue to provide a stable home to my son. Without the Family Scholar House and the affordable home it provided for my family, I would have missed out on spending time with my son and setting a good example for him through my own education. I know I wouldn’t be celebrating my college graduation without the resources, support and stable housing I found there, and for that I am truly grateful.