54 Affordable Homes

2019 Charles L. Edison Tax Credit Excellence Award Winner in the Metropolitan Region (population more than 300,000) Category

Access Housing is a rare combination of new construction and substantial rehabilitation scattered across 25 sites within 2.5 miles, developed by IFF and syndicated by PNC. Access Housing provides 54 homes for people with a broad range of disabilities as an alternative to institutions or concentrated “disabled housing.” Fourteen of the units are fully wheelchair-accessible, and all include universal design features that make them user-friendly to people with disabilities. The locations of all 14 buildings were thoughtfully chosen to provide access to transportation, health care, fresh food, employment, and other community assets that residents need to live independent, healthy lives. Additionally, some residents of Access Housing are transitioning to independent living from more institutional settings, so they receive customized, wrap-around supportive services provided through the State of Illinois to ensure a successful transition.

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