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2019 Charles L. Edson Tax Credit Excellence Award Winner in the Veterans Housing Category

Bastion Community of Resilience (Bastion), America’s first intentional community for veterans and their families, was developed by Renaissance Property Group in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first phase of the development, syndicated by Alliant Capital, provides 38 affordable homes and a wellness center that offers a free rehabilitation program for veterans with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological conditions. The second phase, syndicated by CREA, adds 20 homes for veterans in need of greater support. Bastion is located 15 minutes from New Orleans’ new state-of-the-art VA Medical facility and has a public transit stop at the foot of the community. Located in the Saint Anthony neighborhood of north New Orleans, Bastion is within one mile of a grocery store, convenience store, neighborhood shopping center, elementary school, middle school, high school, library, daycare, medical office, preschool, government office, senior center, park and recreation center.

Veterans who reside at the development are given a needs assessment in order to develop a holistic, individualized care plan. Bastion staff will monitor individual and family progress, coordinating internal and external resources to ensure a high quality‐of‐life and optimum trajectory toward social reintegration. As part of the Bastion’s commitment to providing long‐term supportive services to the Bastion tenants are eligible to receive transportation to/from planned seminars, workshops, training, grocery pickup/delivery, meal delivery, laundry/dry cleaning services and weekly “day trips” to shopping centers/specialty shopping, which further reduces reliance on vehicle ownership.

Bastion’s intergenerational, multicultural community is the crux of the service intervention. Younger veteran families live alongside retired military and civilian volunteers who give hours of service each week to support one another in critical times. Bastion maximizes social connectedness and community through inclusive collectives of apartment-style homes in clusters where front doors face a shared interior space.

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