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2019 Charles L. Edison Tax Credit Excellence Award Winner in the Preservation Category

Bowman Place and Homes at Monument, purchased and rehabilitated by Homes for America, provides 60 one-bedroom apartments serving mostly elderly and persons with disabilities and 21 three-bedroom family townhouses in Annapolis, Maryland. The property was previously in serious disrepair as the last of the remaining deteriorating HUD Section 8 properties in Annapolis which had not yet undergone substantial rehabilitation. Located downtown and very close to public transportation, the property also provides resident services, including social, food, recreational, educational, and health and wellness services, as well as green design, all contributing to residents’ well-being and providing greater access to opportunities. Bowman Place is named after Rev. LeRoy Bowman, a pastor at a community church for 60 years and a civil rights leader in Annapolis. The Maryland State Department of Housing provided the tax credits, rental housing funds and energy program grants, Citibank Affordable Housing provided loan funds, and Boston Capital syndicated this project.

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