Detroit, MI

Piquette Square for Veterans is a 150-unit apartment project funded by the Housing Credit in Detroit designed to house and care for homeless veterans. Developed by Southwest Solutions, Piquette Square was financed through a variety of public and private resources. Piquette Square offers mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, on-site job training, computer labs, educational programs and other supportive services to help homeless veterans develop healthy and independent living skills. When new residents move in, they are provided with furniture, food and necessities.

Ricky, a Piquette Square resident, had this to say of his transition to his new home: “I had to start over without anything. It’s been a long five years. Stressful, disappointing and humiliating; but, everything happens for a reason. Living at Piquette, I have my own place, my own identity.” Glenda, another resident, said, “We are people and sometimes, we need help. I thank you for being here and for seeing me. I thank you for investing in places like Piquette Square. I thank you for investing in me.” To hear more from Ricky and Glenda and to read more about Piquette Square, click here. 

Photos and property details compliments of Cinnaire. Learn more about how Cinnaire serves veterans through affordable housing here.

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