Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority #1

Pueblo of Acoma, NM has won a 2018 Charles L. Edson Tax Credit Excellence Award in the Rural Housing category.

The PAHA LIHTC Homes #1 is a 30-unit Housing Credit property on the Pueblo of Acoma Reservation in New Mexico. The reservation is in a remote rural area comprised of approximately 500,000 square miles of traditional Acoma Pueblo land with a population around 4,900. Though remote, tribal members are proud of their almost one-thousand-year history in the area.  There is no doubt that the Pueblo of Acoma Reservation is an area lacking high-quality, affordable housing – especially housing that offers supportive services for special needs tenants, which the PAHA LIHTC Homes #1 supplies.  

PAHA LIHTC Homes #1 residents have access to services from a variety of Acoma departments including the Behavioral Health Service, Department of Education, Food Distribution Department, Fitness Center, Health and Wellness Center, Senior Programs, Elder Assistance Program, and the Library/Computer center. The property has committed to reserving twenty percent of units for special needs tenants. The Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority hosts quarterly financial literacy trainings, workforce training, and homeownership education, all of which are held at the on-site community center. 

A unique aspect of the property is its exception design which incorporates tribal cultural preferences. PAHA worked closely with developer Travois Design and Construction Services to design buildings to resemble the original Pueblo architecture and communal lifestyle. The entire site has been made accessible so that everyone can access the units and outdoor community areas. The design also incorporated green building techniques including a well-insulated and sealed building envelope, energy star rated doors, windows, and lights, low flow water fixtures, and durable materials. The project is Energy Star Certified, has a HERS rating of better than 85, and will be certified by the Enterprise Green Communities Program. 

The property has a unique financing structure, including no hard debt and no resulting debt service payments – meaning PAHA can keep rents affordable for its very low-income residents. Roughly $7.2 million in Housing Credit equity was provided by Raymond James Tax Credit Funds. 

Travois provided consulting and architectural services for the development.

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The PAHA LIHTC Homes #2 development received a 2020 allocation of Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. With this allocation, the housing authority will build 30 new homes, a new community building, and an outdoor recreation area located on the Acoma Indian Reservation in Pueblo of Acoma, NM.

The development is located directly adjacent from PAHA’s first Housing Credit development and consists of three multifamily buildings. Two of the buildings will house 12 homes and the third will house six. A walking path will connect the two developments.

The new 1,355-square-foot community building includes a large meeting room and kitchen. The development includes a picnic pavilion, bike and walking path, playground and recreation space, and a full basketball court.

Travois provided consulting and architectural services for the development.

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