Qevu Village is a 50-unit senior housing development for persons 55 and older. Located in the South Anchorage section of town, Qevu Village residents have convenient access to grocery, retail, restaurants and medical facilities. The building also features 92 photovoltaic solar panels on the south facing wall of the building, that are used to offset common area electricity costs. The property was developed by Cook Inlet Housing Authority and syndicated by R4 Capital using the 9 percent Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit)

Five studios at Qevu Village are set aside for households at 50 percent AMI, 25 one-bedroom homes are set aside at 50 percent AMI, 9 one-bedroom homes are set aside for households at 60 percent AMI, and 1 two-bedroom apartment is set aside for a household at 60 percent AMI. We have a Veteran’s preference for applicants at this location.

All of the apartments are accessible and equipped for both sensory and mobility impairments. The living space and kitchen area have the resilient flooring, and the bedrooms have low pile carpeting which creates a smooth and comfortable surface for walkers and wheelers. The kitchens have a sensi-temp stovetop that automatically turn off a burner when it senses it’s been on for too long. Pantry shelves are conveniently located for ease of reach. Peepholes are located at two heights, high and low, to accommodate residents in wheelchairs and those who are not.

This building offers an abundance of natural light in apartments, common areas and hallways. Senior friendly exercise equipment is incorporated in one of the common space rooms. The equipment is situated in the space such that residents will enjoy the amazing views will biking or stepping their way to better health. All of these features allow our residents to age in place and live independently longer.

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