80 Affordable Homes

2019 Charles L. Edison Tax Credit Excellence Award Winner in the Preservation Category

The Carling, rehabilitated by The Michaels Organization and syndicated by Riverside Capital, provides 80 units of affordable rental housing in Chicago, Illinois. The Carling, formerly The Carling Hotel, is the first building preserved under the City of Chicago Single Room Occupancy Preservation Ordinance, providing a blueprint for the city’s efforts to preserve its most historic buildings while increasing high-quality affordable housing for its citizens. Through a gut-rehabilitation, the single rooms were transformed into an affordable studio community. The Carling is specifically designed to meet the local neighborhood’s needs, providing highly demanded affordable housing to an area with skyrocketing rents, while preserving a culturally significant historic landmark. Better Tomorrows provides top-quality social services to tenants, focusing on economic stability, educational success, healthy lifestyles, and strong communities.

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