Woven House in Anchorage, Alaska has won a 2019 Charles L. Edison Tax Credit Excellence Award in the Senior Housing category.

38 Affordable Homes

Woven House, developed by Cook Inlet Housing Authority and syndicated by R4 Capital, provides 38 units of affordable rental housing for seniors in Anchorage, Alaska. The property is a continuation of the Creekside Town Center, which brings affordable, independent living opportunities where residents can live, work, and play with limited reliance on owning a car. Residents are engaged with their neighbors and their community through activities such as volunteering, group exercise, and group field trips to destinations selected by residents. Woven House features two alternative energy systems incorporated into the design, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, that help lower the operating expenses of the buildings and help keep rents affordable for residents. All units at Woven House are designed to be fully accessible with sight and sound features that allow residents to age in place.

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