The Housing Credit in Action

The properties below are just a few examples of the Housing Credit in Virginia. Statewide, the Housing Credit has provided more than 123,300 affordable homes for low-income families, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities in Virginia.

See the state fact sheet to learn more about the Housing Credit’s impact.

Housing Credit Resident Stories

Saifullah Khan and Fnu Faizullah

In 2002, brothers and Afghanistan natives Saifullah and Fnu began working for the United States Army as linguists while they were still in high school. They worked in the small town of Khost in eastern Afghanistan. By 2012, the job had become too dangerous for them and they escaped to start new lives in Virginia with their families. They eventually found homes at Hazel Hill Apartments in Fredericksburg, where they could afford to live with their families while pursuing higher education. The brothers have earned Associate’s Degrees and are now both studying to become doctors. To read more about Saifullah, click here. To read more about Fnu, click here. To see more stories from the National Housing Trust’s Voices Out Loud series, click here.